Statement by Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi

We inform you in connection with the publication in some media about the financial condition of LLC “Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi” (Tashkent Metallurgical Plant, TMZ, the Company) and changes in the composition of its shareholders:

– Changes in the composition of the Company’s shareholders do not affect the stability of production and the ability to meet obligations to creditors on time.

– TMZ’s indebtedness is serviced through commercial activities. The state is not liable for the obligations of the Company.

– Attracting credit funds to finance construction and production is a common practice for large enterprises.

– TMZ is scheduled to make a profit beginning in 2026, in accordance with the approved plan.


For reference:

Tashkent Metallurgical Plant, commissioned in 2020, is one of the largest and most modern companies in Uzbekistan.

The plant produces high-quality import-substituting products – cold-rolled galvanized and colour-coated steel.

Customers of TMZ products are construction and metal trading companies in Uzbekistan, CIS countries, Asia and Europe.

“Metal-Expo 2022” will become a platform for the new developments and goals.

From November 8th to 11th 2022, TMZ will be participating in the 28th International Industrial Exhibition “Metal-Expo 2022” at the Expo Centre, Moscow.

As part of the event, members of the TMZ delegation will take part in various conferences, seminars, round tables, where they will discuss professional issues in details. The exhibition “Metal-Expo 2022” will have a positive result in sustainable development and the choice of a strategy for foreign trade activities of TMZ.

According to expert estimates, over 750 companies from 35 countries of the world will demonstrate their expositions, and over 30,000 consumers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the construction industry, mechanical engineering, transport and logistics companies will visit the exhibition.

MetallStroyForum, an exhibition of metal products and metal structures for the construction industry, MetallurgMash, an exhibition of equipment and technologies for metallurgy and metalworking, and MetallTransLogistic, an exhibition of transport and logistics services for enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex, will also be held in parallel.

“Metal-Expo” is one of the few exhibition events in Russia, which is attended by the owners and top officials of metallurgical companies who make decisions on the purchase and sale of products.

We are sure that the forthcoming event will not only consolidate the existing relations, but also serve as a platform for identifying new opportunities for further development of mutually beneficial partnerships with existing and potential consumers.

We wish our delegation successful work, interesting communication and conclusion of new agreements.

Exhibition “INNOPROM. Central Asia 2022”

On April 25, the Tashkent Metallurgical Plant, as a major manufacturer of the metallurgical industry of the republic, began its work at the INNOPROM. Central Asia 2022”.
The presentation of TMZ products as part of a large-scale exposition at the international level, held under the name “Made in Uzbekistan”, aroused great interest among exhibitors from Hungary, France, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Summing up the results of the first day of work at the exhibition, we can confidently say that meetings, negotiations with large foreign companies will significantly expand the international relations of TMZ, will become a good prospect for building vectors of foreign trade activities and increasing the export potential of the enterprise.


TMZ continues to expand its export potential. The process of development of the European markets is going on successfully. Regular agreements were signed on the supply of products to European countries such as Poland, Germany, Estonia.
Since April, TMZ has started shipping products to European countries on special railway platforms (container) by rail. The first 250 tons were shipped to Tallinn (Estonia).

The quality of products

The quality of products is a mirror of the work of the enterprise, and this mirror objectively reflects the level of applied equipment, technology and management.
Product quality is the most important economic category and is closely related to various other economic indicators, such as cost, profit, profitability, etc.
In the conditions of market relations, the release of quality products means a lot, first of all, it is the formation of the image of the enterprise, confidence and popularity, a stable and positive attitude of buyers towards the manufacturer’s products and its trademark.
Quality is the basis for maximum profit.
That is why the issue of product quality is at the forefront of the strategic course of the Tashkent Metallurgical Enterprise.
An important tool in achieving confidence in product quality is Certification.
The entry into the international market of TMZ products, the measures taken to increase exports, increase the number of international contracts, sharply poses the problem of obtaining international certificates of conformity for our company.
The first step in this direction has been taken. Thanks to the high-quality work of the entire team, as a result of a series of laboratory tests and positive test results, the products of JV Tashkent Metallurgiya Zavodi LLC received confirmation of compliance with EN requirements (norms of the European Committee for Standardization).
The following have been certified for compliance with EN requirements:
Hot-dip galvanized flat steel
(EN 10346:2015);
Rolled flat steel with continuous polymer coating
(EN 10169: 2010);
We congratulate the Quality Department on this victory!
The obtained certificates for products that comply with the standards of the European Committee for Standardization open up a number of advantages for us in international markets.

“We became one friendly family”

“We became one friendly family”
Today, we have completed the first stage of warranty testing of equipment and technical support from Danieli.
At the event dedicated to seeing off Italian specialists, the management and staff of TMZ expressed their gratitude to their colleagues for fruitful cooperation.
In response, the Italian colleagues also thanked the TMZ team for creating favorable conditions for joint work and hospitality.
For three years, Danieli specialists trained TMZ employees, assisted in the installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as the introduction of an automated control system for units of 1-2 levels.
“During our joint work, we have become not only colleagues, friends, but also one close-knit family.
We express our deep gratitude to all of you and wish that the period of your activity at our Enterprise will be remembered for many years”, – General Director ZN Tuychiev noted in his address to his Italian colleagues.
At the end of the event, each Danieli specialist was presented with Letters of Appreciation and souvenirs.

Cooperation with European partners.

The cooperation of the Tashkent Metallurgical Plant with European partners is dynamically developing.
The delegation of Poland, who was in Uzbekistan as part of participation in the first international investment forum, visited the Tashkent Metallurgical Plant.
The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Poland Bakhrom Babaev, the President of the Polish-Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Poland – Piotr Kozlovsky, the Honorary Consul of Uzbekistan in Poland, the president of the logistics company “Swiat Pzsesilok” – Piotr Kocon, the head of the Polish IT company – Kamil Wegzhin.
A tour of the plant was organized for the guests, where they got acquainted with the technological capabilities for the production of modern competitive metal products.
Piotr Katson noted that he previously headed a transport company and, accordingly, has extensive experience in the field of logistics. He organized the visit of about 30 companies to Uzbekistan to get acquainted with the potential of cooperation with enterprises of Uzbekistan in such areas as food production, steel production, transport services and other areas.
In the format of an online conference, Interstal Polska was presented as a potential partner for TMZ to export products to Poland and other countries. Interstal noted that it is interested in purchasing galvanized coils from Uzbekistan, providing favorable prices and stable supplies.
The parties exchanged contact details and agreed on the prospects for further cooperation in the supply of TMZ products. And also taking into account the experience of Piotr Katson in the field of logistics, the Polish side offered to provide assistance in providing contacts of carrier companies to expand the circle of partners – transport companies for the transportation of TMZ products for export.
Piotr Kocon also said that upon arrival in Poland, a wide presentation of the plant for local specialists would be organized.
Such meetings are a very important step both for the Company and for the development of trade and economic relations between our countries.
We would like to thank the participants of the meeting and express hope for further mutually beneficial and fruitful relations.

Memorandum with TSUE

Memorandum with TSUE

One of the priorities of our Company is to create conditions for the professional development of young professionals, as well as the integration of production, science and education, creating opportunities for attracting future university graduates to the iron and steel industry. So, on March 14, negotiations were held between the Tashkent Metallurgical Plant and the Tashkent State Economic University (TSEU). As part of this event, representatives of TSUE had a tour of the Enterprise, where they demonstrated the basic principles of the enterprise, focusing on modern equipment that automates the production process. After a tour of the production, the delegation visited the administrative and amenity complex of the organization, noting its modernity, coziness and comfort. The meeting ended with negotiations on mutual cooperation between the University and TMZ, which resulted in the concluded Memorandum. The document is aimed at strengthening interaction in the preparation of highly qualified personnel, provides opportunities for the development of research activities, joint educational programs, internships and advanced training, both for TMZ employees, and students, and university teachers.

High results!

What seemed like a distant and elusive future yesterday has become a reality for us today.
Today we have something to be proud of!
02/25/22 at the ANGTS section at a maximum unit speed of 180 m / min Team No. 4 shift foreman Mirzaev R.S. produced – 611 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel;
02/27/22 RSHP section Brigade No. 3 shift foreman Akhmedov S.B – produced 595 tons of cold-rolled steel;
On March 8, employees of the AMS section at a maximum speed of the speed unit of 160 m / min produced rolled products with a polymer coating:
Brigade No. 3 shift foreman Konyukhov O.V. – 387 tons
Brigade No. 4 acting foreman Perepelitsyn E.S. – 352 t.
All these figures have been achieved thanks to the coordinated and unified work of the TMZ team!
We congratulate the workers of the LPC and wish you not to stop there, go forward to high results and high-quality products, always be at the forefront of the Company’s success.
We have even bigger goals ahead of us, together we will achieve each!