“We became one friendly family”

“We became one friendly family”
Today, we have completed the first stage of warranty testing of equipment and technical support from Danieli.
At the event dedicated to seeing off Italian specialists, the management and staff of TMZ expressed their gratitude to their colleagues for fruitful cooperation.
In response, the Italian colleagues also thanked the TMZ team for creating favorable conditions for joint work and hospitality.
For three years, Danieli specialists trained TMZ employees, assisted in the installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as the introduction of an automated control system for units of 1-2 levels.
“During our joint work, we have become not only colleagues, friends, but also one close-knit family.
We express our deep gratitude to all of you and wish that the period of your activity at our Enterprise will be remembered for many years”, – General Director ZN Tuychiev noted in his address to his Italian colleagues.
At the end of the event, each Danieli specialist was presented with Letters of Appreciation and souvenirs.