• Fire safety and civil protection engineer
    • Leading engineer for occupational health and safety
    • Accountant
    • Purchasing Specialist
    • Planning Specialist
    • IT Specialist
    • Economist
    • Health Prevention Specialist.
    • Industrial Safety Engineer
    • Repair fitter of Department of chief energy engineer
    • Processing equipment operator
    • Preparer of solutions and electrolytes
    • Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment
    • Electric and Gas Welder
    • Maintanance fitter of Department of chief energy engineer

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    Select the vacancy and send your resume. Wait for your application to be considered. Take a telephone interview and an interview at the Enterprise. After successfully passing all stages, we are waiting for you to join the team!

    You can fill out our electronic resume form or send us your own version. You must show in your resume below:

    Personal Information. It should contain last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, contact information. Include home and cell phone numbers, email address. (numbers must be current and available).

    Desired position. There may be several vacancies in the company, so it is better to indicate the position for which you are applying.

    Major education. Please indicate the years you started and finished your education, the full name of your educational institution, and your field of study. Courses and additional education.

    Work experience. It is best to present the sequence of transfers from one position to another (or from one company to another) in reverse order (start with the last one). Specify dates to the nearest month. Indicate the functional duties you performed. Don’t forget to describe your professional accomplishments, if any. What to do when you don’t have much experience? Describe ALL of your work experience!

    If you have no work experience, it is better to describe in detail your progress and results of your studies and list your internship locations.

    Yes, but we advise you to apply only for those positions that you are really interested in, and the tasks described correspond to your experience and skills. If you did not find a suitable vacancy, but really want to work at TMZ, send a resume with a description of your dream job. We will add you to the database of candidates and contact you when a similar vacancy appears.

    Be sure to study the information about the plant and go through all the requirements and responsibilities listed in the job, perhaps somewhere you should refresh your memory

    Resumes are reviewed within 7-10 business days, in case of a positive decision we will call you back for a phone interview.

    Anything is possible, except sports and flashy clothes. Covered shoulders and legs are mandatory

    Yes. If you have gained new knowledge and experience, closed the gaps that prevented you from getting the position you want, we would be happy to review your resume again. Just remember to keep it up to date.

    All resumes are reviewed by specialists, if we don’t get back to you within the review period (7-10 business days) then we don’t have a suitable vacancy for you at this time

    The work schedule depends on the position you are applying for:

    Shift schedule (2/2) 08:00 to 20:00 day and 20:00 to 08:00 night

    5/2 Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00

    The enterprise provides company transport from the city and Tashkent region (Almalyk, Yangiyul, Chirchik and urban direction from metro station №5 of Sergeli branch and to the plant)

    At this time, most jobs require experience in the specialty. If work experience is not required, this will be reflected in the vacancy announcement.

    Yes, 3 months according to the labor legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    Training, retraining and advanced training of employees are carried out in basic working professions, as required by the Company