TMZ is creating new incentives, expanding opportunities for the professional growth and development of its employees, and is actively introducing new methods of training, improving work skills and increasing labor productivity.

The company considers investment in professional training of personnel as a necessary condition for long-term competitiveness, dynamic development, increase in the value of human capital and, ultimately, growth and development of the company.

70% of employees participated in educational programs in 2019-2021

More than 500,000 euros were invested in staff training and professional development


  • Professional retraining and advanced training of employees in all areas of professional activity.
  • Professional adaptation and training of employees for additional technological and combined professions.
  • Pre-certification training and certification in the field of industrial safety.
  • Development of professional competencies of young and talented managers.
  • Training of mentors, freelance teachers and instructors of on-the-job training.
  • Intra-corporate internships.


  • 100 employees of the Company underwent professional retraining in basic professions at the training center at MMK (Magnitogorsk)
  • More than 500 employees received special training from technology licensors, equipment manufacturers 73 employees have undergone practical training and have acquired practical skills at similar enterprises in Italy, Turkey, the Russian Federation
  • 73 employees have undergone practical training and have acquired practical skills at similar enterprises in Italy, Turkey, the Russian Federation
  • More than 470 employees were certified according to basic working professions and received qualification categories.
  • 50 employees passed professional training at enterprises of strategic partners in Uzmetcombinat JSC and Almalyk MMC JSC
  • More than 70 employees passed professional development courses in professional training centers of Uzbekistan.
  • More than 400 employees were certified in industrial safety HSE and related professions.

More than 40 department heads, foremen and specialists acted as professional mentors for new employees and trainees of educational institutions

Thanks to the training opportunities and the system of internal training and re-training, the young specialists grew from specialist to foreman, foreman and IT staff – 34 people – during the year.

We organized internships for students of universities and professional educational institutions in the amount of 56 people, five of whom were hired.

There is cooperation in education, training of qualified personnel, advanced training and research and development, as well as internships for students. Thus, the following agreements were concluded with:

national universities: TSTU, National Research Technical University “MISIS” (Almalyk branch), Turin Polytechnic University.

Training centers for the unemployed – KOICA, Monomarkaz.

foreign universities: NITU MISIS and South Ural State University (SUSU).