TMZ is open to representatives of all sectors of the country’s economy.

The recently launched Industrial Tourism Program is gaining momentum! On February 23, our plant was visited by representatives of JSCIB Ipoteka-Bank, which today occupies a leading position in financing large construction projects. The visit to our enterprise is connected with the tasks that were assigned to the bank by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the further development of housing construction and the housing market”, namely, lending to enterprises producing modern, economical, building materials in demand on the market. Bank representatives saw with their own eyes the scale and capacity of the Metallurgical Enterprise, which is one of the major suppliers of quality products for the construction market of our Republic. As a result of the excursion, the participants received answers to all their questions and expressed their gratitude for the organized event. A pleasant surprise was the meeting of former colleagues. Many employees of JSCIB “Ipoteka – Bank”, who visited our enterprise today, began their professional activities at “UZZHILSBERBANK”, at the end of the meeting, our employees, who also worked in the banking system, not only warmly talked with former colleagues, but took a joint photo as a keepsake.