Labor protection

Labor protection is the most important element of the social policy of the modern state, which is of great importance in connection with the intensive development of the production sector. The experience of the world’s largest companies shows that labor protection is one of the main priority tasks. Of the dozens of performance indicators of the enterprise, modern managers put labor protection and safety of workers in the first place. Neither the amount of wages, nor the level of profitability of the Enterprise, nor the value of the product produced can serve as a basis for neglecting safety rules and justifying threats to human life or health. Tashkent Metallurgical Plant is a modern enterprise with safe working conditions. The Company regularly takes measures aimed at improving the safety of employees. Trainings, seminars in the field of labor protection and industrial safety, visual campaigning at the stands, educational and methodological materials, as well as fire tactical exercises close to the real situation with the involvement of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, contribute to increasing the level of knowledge of employees of the Enterprise in the field of security labor, increase the level of responsibility and discipline of our employees, increase labor productivity, reduce the number of emergency and other emergency situations.