High results!

What seemed like a distant and elusive future yesterday has become a reality for us today.
Today we have something to be proud of!
02/25/22 at the ANGTS section at a maximum unit speed of 180 m / min Team No. 4 shift foreman Mirzaev R.S. produced – 611 tons of hot-dip galvanized steel;
02/27/22 RSHP section Brigade No. 3 shift foreman Akhmedov S.B – produced 595 tons of cold-rolled steel;
On March 8, employees of the AMS section at a maximum speed of the speed unit of 160 m / min produced rolled products with a polymer coating:
Brigade No. 3 shift foreman Konyukhov O.V. – 387 tons
Brigade No. 4 acting foreman Perepelitsyn E.S. – 352 t.
All these figures have been achieved thanks to the coordinated and unified work of the TMZ team!
We congratulate the workers of the LPC and wish you not to stop there, go forward to high results and high-quality products, always be at the forefront of the Company’s success.
We have even bigger goals ahead of us, together we will achieve each!