If you become aware of reliable information about violations that may have a negative impact on the operations of the Joint Venture LLC “Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi”, we ask you to report it to the Compliance Department through the channels of communication.

List of examples of violations related to the Enterprise that must be reported via channels of communication:

1 Violation of normative legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including international treaties of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as internal (local) acts of the Enterprise
2 Conduct that is dishonest, corrupt, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful or unethical, including extortion, acceptance or bribery
3 Obstruction of internal and external audits
4 Violation related to the maintenance of accounting (financial) statements
5 Conflict of interest
6 Illegal distribution of confidential information
7 Other activities of an unacceptable nature (discrimination, violation of human rights, etc.)

This list is not exhaustive, and contains only some of the examples of actions that could be considered violations.

Communication channels

Complainants have the right to freely and anonymously inform the Compliance Department about the facts of illegal or unethical actions of the Enterprise’s employees via the following communication channels:

1 Email
2 Hotline
3 Direct Message If the Complainant is an employee of the Enterprise, he or she may report violations directly to their direct supervisor, the Security Department, the Human Resources Department, the Legal Department or the Compliance Department.
4 Online The complainant may report a violation, including by completing the form below: